22 Tips for a Successful Diet and Healthy Weight Loss

Tips for a Successful Diet and Healthy Weight Loss

Dieting should not be enjoyable. Especially maintaining this for a long time with a solid will is very annoying. It often leads to failures as well.

However if you will know some tips, you can have a successful diet without getting bored and maintaining your will.


All you need to do is check the following list that we have created for you.

Tip 1: Drink Plenty of Water or Other Calorie-free Beverages

Drink one cup of water before you consume snacks such as chips. People may confuse with being thirsty and hungry. You can have plenty of calories by consuming chips while your only need is drinking one cup of water.

If drinking water is not enough, you can drink flavored mineral waters or fruit teas.

Tip 2: Don’t Give Up Consuming Your Favorite Foods

Instead of cutting your most favorite foods, buy less. For instance, you can buy one cookie instead of buying one box of cookies. There is no reason for you to give up your most favorite foods as long as you can limit yourself.

Tip 3: Control the Servings

Although you can not control the serving when you eat outside, you can control your servings by using kitchen equipment. Use smaller plates and cups. Prefer half servings instead of full servings when you are eating outside.

Tip 4: Always Have Breakfast

Not having breakfast will make you much more hungry during the day. This will lead to eating more in your lunch and dinner.

You can lose weight with a healthy breakfast in which you consume foods such as fruits, cornflakes or fat-free milk.

Tip 5: Do Not Neglect Snacks

You can lose weight if you can burn more calories than you intake. However, it is hard to intake calorie when you feel hungry each time. You can control your appetite and hunger by consuming 4-5 meals less in the amount in each day.

Spread the calorie to whole meals rather than taking all the calories during the early hours of the day. Your dinner should be the last meal you eat.Can You Lose Weight

Tip 6: Take Protein in Each Meal

Proteins are more nutritious than carbohydrates and fats and they can keep you full longer. Also, they strengthen your muscles and increases fat burn.

You can include protein rich meals such as seafood, lean meats, eggs, yogurt, cheese, soy, nuts or peas.

Tip 7: Use Spices

Spices you use in your meals will increase your joy from foods and they will help you to feel full longer.

Tip 8: Fill Your Kitchen with Healthy Foods

Rather than ordering pizza, prefer easy to cook snacks.

Snacks such as frozen vegetables, whole wheat pasta, lean cheese, canned peas, tortilla and pita bread will provide you the convenience to help you prepare healthy and delicious food at home.

Tips 9: Ask Kids Portions in Restaurants

Since kids portions are small in serving, it will allow you to take less calorie. It began to be so popular that, now waiters do not find it fancy when they experience such an order. Also, foods eaten in smaller plates will let your food look bigger and it will increase your feeling of being full.

Tip 10: Consume Vegetables than Pasta

You can get rid of 100-200 calories intake by consuming more vegetables rather than pasta and bread.

Tip 11: Consume Fiber Foods

As fiber foods prevent constipation, they lower your cholesterol and help you to lose weight. Women should consume 25 gr/1000 cal, men should consume 14-38 gr/1000 cal.

Some fiber foods are oatmeal, peas, whole wheat foods, fruits, and vegetables.

Complimentary Tips for a Successful Diet

We have shared 11 tips for you to have a successful diet and achieve the form you want.

The following tips will be the complementary factors which you must do and help you in terms of achieving your right weight.

You can successfully complete your diet by taking the advantage of the following tips which we have prepared for you.

Complimentary Tips for a Successful Diet

Tip 12: Kick the Fat Rich Foods Away from Your House

If you have chips or ice cream in the kitchen, you will have hard times in your diet. Do a favor for yourself by kicking these foods away from your home.

In case you may want to consume snacks, you can walk to the closest market and buy a small package to award yourself.

Tip 13: Consume More Fruits and Vegetables

The best diet is the diet which you consume more foods. Of course what you eat matters. You can meet your water and fiber need as well as let you keep full by consuming fruits and vegetables.

Tip 14: Be Picky About What You Eat at Night

We use our sensitivity about what we eat when we throw ourselves to our chair after the dinner.

Eating in front of the television is the easiest and quickest way to cross your diet. If you want you can lock your kitchen after a specific hour or you can suppress your hunger by consuming 100 calories of snacks.

Lose Weight Slowly

Tip 15: Lose Weight Slowly

If you can’t lose weight as you desire, do not worry. Healthy weight loss requires time.

Experts state that your goal must be losing half or one kilogram in a week. In case you will have higher expectations, you may quit diet when you can not lose the desired weight. This is why do not hurry to lose weight. And keep in mind that you can only have visible results after you use 5-10% of your body weight.

Tip 16: Weight Once In a Week

You will feel stressed as much as you weigh. This is a way you can reduce the stress to the minimum by weighing once in a week.

Do not forget to weigh in the same day, at the same hour and with the same clothes.

Tip 17: Sleep Well

When you don’t sleep enough your body increases the secretion of the hunger hormone and secretes fullness hormone less. You can feel energetic and prevent unnecessary snacks with a balanced and sufficient sleep.

Tip 18: Limit Alcohol with Weekends

Alcohol means calories. There are 125 calories in one glass of wine, and 153 calories in one bottle beer. That problem is that our body can not use these calories well and converts almost all of them to fat.

Limit your alcohol consumption with weekends. It is advised not to consume more than 1 glass for women and 2 glass for men.

Tip 19: Chew Sugar-free Gum

When you want snacks, put a sugar-free gum to your mouth. As chewing gum provides freshness, it also suppresses your hunger and helps you to lose weight.

Tip 20: Have a Meal Daybook

A simple pen and paper can help you to lose weight. According to studies, noting down what you eat and drink will help you to realize hıw much you consume and limit your calorie intake.

Those who note down, lose weight two times faster than those who do not note down or stop to note down.

Tip 21: Award Your Successes

Let assume that you lost 2-3 kilos this month and walked every day. It’s time to celebrate! Celebrating your success will lead to bigger successes. For instance, you can buy the album of your favorite artist or go and see a movie.

Tip 22: Get Help from Your Friends and Family

Getting support will help you to reach your weight loss goals. Therefore, tell your friends and family that you have adopted this lifestyle and ask their support. Because diet may be

challenging from time to time and you may want to quit. In these times, you can continue to your diet by getting the support of your friend.

Drink Plenty of Water or Other Calorie-free Beverages

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