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Weight Loss Secrets of Celebrities

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The beautiful singer lost 9 kilos in a month in order to take part in a movie. She lost weight by drinking 6 to 12 cups beverage a day for a month which was prepared with lemon juice, molasses, and black pepper.

Penelope Cruz

The secret of the Spanish star is to “chew”. She puts something to her mouth as soon as she gets up from the bed and chews it without swallowing. Thus, she activates her metabolism and fat burn begins.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr says, she practices plenty of yoga and drinks coconut milk. This milk speeds up the fat burn.

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Tried Easy Weight Loss Secrets

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We explain you the secrets of easy weight loss. When you will adopt our suggestions (we have such easy and effective weight loss methods that you will definitely want to try them), you will become one of the happy people who lost weight.

Dance If You Can’t Walk!

Can’t you go for walking or gym due to your children or any other reason? It’s not a problem! You can burn calories and lose weight by dancing alone at home. Beyonce, Rihanna, blah blah blah… If your child is sleeping, you can wear your headphones and prevent yourself from disturbing him or her.

Drink Water to Cut Off the Desire for Appetite and Dessert!

You think that your appetite is a problem, however, in fact, your body wants water! One of the easy weight loss secrets of our followers who lost at least 20 kilos is drinking water. Drink 2 liters of water daily: cut off your appetite and desserts.

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Eating Vegetables for Lunch and High Protein Foods for Dinner Allow Fast Weight Loss

When we look at those who lose weight, we can see that they eat vegetables for lunch and dinner. And they try to reach success by eating two meals high in protein. But if you eat vegetables twice a day you will face problems such as, hair and eyebrow loss, loss of attention and along with this the weight loss will and within 3 to 5 weeks. Do not do this! If you eat in high protein like meat it will enable one to lose a lot more weight than those who eat vegetables. You should eat yogurt, bread and salad for lunch and for dinner a small piece for fish / chicken and bread.

How Much Calories Should I Take to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

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Take to Lose Weight

The main rule in losing weight quickly or slowly is to maintain the calorie intake from daily food intake lower than the calories burnt during the day. One must keep the calorie intake under control to maintain or lose weight.

The calorie intake advised for women at the age of 19 – 31 who eat a healthy diet and are on their ideal weight is 2000 calories and men in the same situation is 2400 calories.

If you are exercising regularly you may need much more calories. As people age the needed amount of calorie decreases.

The amount of calorie intake advised by dietitians and doctors is 500 calories lower than the needed calories, for example if you need 2600 calories maintain your weight they will advise you to take 2100 calories.

You must use +3500 calories to burn half kilo of fat. If your intake of calorie falls by 500 calories a week, you will be able to lose 0.5 – 1 kg in a week. I’m not saying that this is a fast way to lose weight put experts advice this for a stable and healthy way to lose weight.

To lose weight faster you must decrease the calorie intake even more.

Experts advise people to take 1300 -1600 calories at to maintain their health.

In other words, to lose weight quickly you can decrease the intake of calories by 700 – 800. If we consider that you decrease the calorie intake by 800, 800 x 7=5600, you can lose 1,5 in a week and 6 kilograms in a month.

Don’t Be Afraid of Fats

Stopping the intake of fat completely when starting a diet is not right. Because stopping the intake of carbohydrates and fat may cause you to feel nauseated and you may give up the diet.

When choosing the fat to use in your diet, you must be careful, because every fat is different from one another and has different effects on the body. Stay away from margarine, olive oil, walnut oil, fish oil and oils that are high in omega.

Moreover, eating fish 2 or 3 times a week or 2 3 walnuts a day, 10 -15 nuts or almonds will meet your daily fat need.