Be Careful About Emotional Hunger (Step 8)

Did you ever notice that you were eating for your feelings, not for your stomach?

Emotional hunger is a major problem today and it can be often confused with physical hunger. That is, hunger, felt even when the body does not require food, leads to gain weight by causing more food consumption.

The best way of getting rid of this situation is distinguishing these two types of hunger.

But, how do we differentiate emotional hunger and physical hunger?  

Physical hunger does not begin suddenly, the feeling of hunger occurs slowly while it emerges abruptly in emotional hunger. You feel you need to suppress emotional hunger immediately, however physical hunger can wait. If you eat to fill the emotional emptiness, you will keep eating even if you are full. On the other hand, if you are really hungry, you will stop eating when you are full.

The first step to prevent the emotional hunger is to stop and ask yourself if you are really hungry. If the answer of this question is no, then you should drink a glass of water. But if the answer is yes, wait and evaluate how you are hungry.

Distracting your attention helps you to prevent emotional hungry. In order to do that, you can call one of your friends and chat, go out or allocate some time for your hobbies. Of course you can watch a movie without popcorn or listen to music.

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