Be Careful of Your Sleep (Step 17)

Be Careful of Your Sleep

When it comes to weight loss, proper nutrition, tight diet and sports are the things that come to mind first. But regular sleep is not taken into account most of the time. However regular nutrition, exercise and sleep has equally importance for a healthy life.

The people who are insufficiently sleeping experience a decrease in their level of leptin hormone that sends a signal for satiety. This decrease makes the satiation come late and cause you to eat more.

One other disadvantage of the sleeplessness is the increased appetite, which is led by the increment of the cortisol hormone in the stressful cases such as insomnia. It is scientifically proven that cortisol is a hormone leading to gain weight.

Therefore you should be careful about your sleep time and sleep quality. If possible, you should not leave from bed without resting completely. You can take some precautions if you are experiencing sleep problems at nights. The primary precaution in this regard is preparing body to sleep by consuming proper foods after dinner. Warm milk,  banana, apple, apricot, honey, flax seeds and almond can be given as example of these foods. For your snack after the dinner, you can consume yoghurt with flaxseed and warm milk.

The foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, chocolate which have high level of caffeine should not be consumed near the bedtime. Because caffeine has the feature of driving the sleep away. This problem is very common in our country where the tea consumption is especially high. So, you will need to waive your after-evening teas during the weight loss period.

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