Consume Dairy Products (Step 13)

Consume Dairy Products

Consume Dairy Products

Milk and milk products, phosphorus, protein, B2, B12 and D vitamins. These minerals are indispensable to lose weight. Less consumption of these products causes more fat storage in the body.

For example, calcium is one of the basic minerals which is found in milk and dairy products. The studies conducted have shown that adequate calcium intake makes it easier to lose weight.

The daily calcium requirement of adult individuals is approximately 1000 milligrams. With 2-3 cups of milk and dairy products, individuals can easily meet their daily calcium requirement and make it easier to lose weight.

Calcium content of low-fat milk and milk products does not change when compared to full-fat milk products. Consuming low-fat calcium sources for providing weight control is also beneficial. In the weight-loss programs, it is recommended that low-fat dairy products be consumed.

Researches have shown that milk and dairy products in the overweight individuals’ diet are a good control provider and are also effective in reducing insulin resistance.

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