Consume Healthy Oil (Step 15)

Consume healthy oil

Consume Healthy Oil

One of the most common mistakes made by the people who want to lose weight is stop oil consumption.

People who apply a diet program which not contains any oil group tend to consume more carbohydrates. In a healthy diet, approximately 30% of our daily energy requirement should be provided from the oil. Even if it is avoided since it is thought to be high calorie, oil is essential to feel satiated longer.

Of course, you should be very careful when consuming oils and you should consume the correct oils. Natural oils such as flaxseed, olive oil, raw almond oil, raw nut, walnut, avocado, sesame seed, coconut oil are the correct oils.

Trans fats and margarines are the oil types that should be avoided. This type of oils are often contained in fast-food products and are the main reason for weight-gain.

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