Don’t Neglect to Drink Water (Step 4)

Don’t Neglect to Drink Water

Water is a magical drink which allows you to lose weight. It enables your metabolism to work, makes you lose appetite, helps you to burn oil.

Water which is a natural appetite reducer has numerous benefit. It is effective in destroying the fat stored in the body. Studies have shown that people with reduced water consumption have increased fat deposits in their bodies.

1 ml for per calorie is recommended daily, or 35 ml water for per kg if weight of the individuals is considered. World Health Organization reports that women should drink 10 glasses of water a day and men should drink 14 glasses of water a day to prevent fluid loss.

Coffee, tea, fruit juices we drink during the day may seem to meet the liquid need of person, however these drinks lead the amount of water in the body decrease. Therefore we need to drink more water when we consume diuretic drinks like tea, coffee.

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