Don’t Start the Day Without Breakfast (Step 7)

Don’t Start the Day Without Breakfast

Don’t Start the Day Without Breakfast

The first step of starting the day should be the breakfast for the ones who want to lose weight. Lots of studies have shown that having breakfast regularly lowers the  cholesterol, breaks insulin resistance and positively affects the physical performance.

Having breakfast regularly has also effect on weight control. Researchers from Harvard University had followed a group of patients for 10 years and as a result of the study, they observed that people who do not have breakfast gain 11 kilos more in comparison with ones who have breakfast, as the result of the study.

Moreover, vitamin and mineral deficiencies are not seen in individuals who have breakfast regularly. It is also stated that individuals who prefer sleeping to breakfast in the morning gain weight a faster and face a risk of heart attack.

When breakfast is skipped, you tend to consume more fat and carbohydrate foods at lunch. This leads to more energy intake than you need and an increases your weight in the future.

A proper breakfast can include eggs, cheese, whole-grain bread, olives and honey, jam, butter or bagels depending on the energy needs of the person. Or a fat-free toast or cold sandwich prepared with whole-grain bread. But not pastry!

Pastry is generally preferred for a quick breakfast and eating just one never give satiety. But with only one, we meet about 1/4 of our daily energy needs. That is, a piece of pastry contains approximately 300-400 calories and 20 grams of fat. That does not sound innocent, does it?

When you are going to have breakfast quickly, full-grain cereals, muesli and oatmeal are the healthiest saviors.

By adding 4 tablespoons oatmeal with fresh or dried fruits in 1 glass of milk you can prepare a meal in less than 5 minutes so you will both start the day with breakfast and make a healthy choice.  

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