Eat Snack Meal (Step 9)

eat snack meal

Snack is a type of meal which is consisting of healthy foods without too much energy and made at regular intervals except main meals.

Having snacks is one of the most important tricks to lose weight. A diet with regular snack meals helps to control blood sugar, increase metabolic rate and get rid of body fat.At the same time, snacks make main meals’ portion control easier by giving the feeling of satiety and provide the missing nutritions in the body.

Healthy snack recommendations :

  • Skimmed milk + One portion fruit
  • 1whole-wheat toast + Herbal Tea
  • Coffee with skimmed milk + 1 dried apricot
  • 2 Walnut +1 portion fruit

Keeping your snacks in your bag, in your car or in your office drawer will prevent you from skipping the meals and consuming unhealthy foods.

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