Make a Healthy Kitchen Shopping (Step 12)

Healthy kitchen

Healthy diet starts with shopping.Whatever you buy, you consume it at home. So you should be very careful about shopping.

Preparing a shopping list is the easiest and most critical step in this regard. Preparing a list before going to market will both prevent you from spending too much and getting plenty of high-calorie foods.

Instead of buying packaged products, prefer fresh vegetables and fruits. The list of “Contents” of natural foods will be simple since they contain little additive material. Do not choose the foods which have a long “contents” list.

If you always buy the same foods, you cannot get the changes you want and you cannot provide the food variety. Choose different options from the same food group from time to time.

Buy nutrients with reduced fat and salt, instead of overly salty and high-fat foods.

Know the foods you buy: Be sure you read the label information, production expiry dates and the nutrient content section.

Lastly, be careful about not to be hungry while you are shopping. Keep in mind that going to shopping while you are hungry will increase the amount of food you buy and cause the basket to fill with unhealthy foods.

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