Keep a Diet Diary (Step 2)

Keep a Diet Diary

Keeping a diet diary helps you to focus and become aware of your wrong nutritional practices.

It is quite simple to do this. All you need is a small notebook and a pencil. Then you can write what you eat and drink all day. You can even take notes via your mobile phones without requiring a notebook.

The researches have shown that people who keep a diet diary are eating %15 less. This is a figure which should not be underestimated.

So keep in mind that the more patient you are, the more successful you will be. Keeping yourself motivated will be separated you from unsuccessful people.

Try to find ideas to motivate yourself. Maybe you can keep your old clothes in front of your eye, you can hang your old photos taken when you were more fit and healthy on the refrigerator and you can focus on your goal in this way.

Those who forgot to drink water will increase their water consumption if they are conditioned to drink water hourly. Likewise, always carrying our water with us while working in the office or walking in the street will have a positive effect on our water consumption. 3-4 shell cinnamon, a few sliced apple and lemon slices which you will put on your bottle or pitcher will taste your water and provide a different experience.

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