Keep Away From Crash Diets (Step 6)

Keep Away From Crash Diets


As a general rule, you should keep away from the past-faced diets. The reason is simple: You cannot lose weights that you gained within the years in a couple of days.

Although these diets make you lose weight quickly, the weight given is not from the oil as it should be, but it is from muscle and water. So you gain these weights back when your body returns to the normal and you become more open to gain weight since your muscles diminished.

This is the reason of weights which are gained after the diets.

Another disadvantage of these diets is that they will starve your body. If you stay hungry all day, your blood sugar will fall and you may experience the situations like weakness, fatigue and faintness. Besides, decreases appear in your work efficiency and your learning ability. This situation causes your life quality and body resistance to reduce, and leads to gain more weight as a result.

Metabolism disorders are another negative impact of the crash diets. Your metabolism becomes slower since you lose muscle tissue more than adipose tissue with this type of diets. Even you eat as much as before, you continue to gain weight.

The thing you have to do is keeping away from this kind of diets, going for more healthy methods and working with a professional.

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