Minimize Your Portions (Step 18)

Portion control is one of the most effective ways of losing weight without even realizing it. Because, reflexively, we need to finish the portion as its size increase and this causes us to eat more.

Minimizing our portions will help you to prevent this situation and make you lose more weight in the long run.  

The best way to start controlling the portions is to use smaller plates. In this way, your plate will seem more full and you will reach the same satiety by eating less.

Another method is bringing less food to the table, even cook less if it is possible. Put the amount you need to the plate and don’t put any saucepan on the table.

The same situation is valid for the fruits. Prefer small fruits instead of big ones, a little apple for instance. Then, the 2 kilos that you will gain decrease to 1.5 kilos.

When you diet, pay attention to the amount you eat and try to consume by counting. For example, if you eat hazelnut as snack meal, take it by counting. This method will prevent you from taking nutrients in unnecessary quantities.

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