Ways for Quick Weight Loss

Quick Weight Loss, lose weight

There is a great difference between quick weight loss and healthy, quick weight loss.

For instance, losing 4-5 kilos in a week with shock diets do not allow you to get rid of your fats which is the basic goal of weight loss. Such diets only lead to loss of water and some muscle tissue.

Also, it is almost guaranteed that you will get the kilos you lost with shock diets.

The way for quick weight loss is; arrange your feeding habits, exercise on a regular basis by consuming more low calorie but nutritious foods.

Ideal Diet Should Be Planned According to Your Metabolic Rate

ideal diet planned

A person should feed according to “Basic Metabolic Rate” in order to achieve weight loss in an ideal manner. Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) means the spent energy in order to maintain basic metabolic events (such as respiration, circulation, gastrointestinal activities, muscle tone, protection of body temperature) and maintain the functioning of various organs (kidneys, liver and endocrine glands) under the basic conditions.

If a person is feeding lower than BMR, loss of water and muscle tissue occur instead of the ideal fat loss and this lead to unhealthy weight loss in the person which cause the quality of life decrease day by day.

Weight gain is inevitable in such people who lose weight in this way.

Eating Different Foods

Eating different foods

Eating Different Foods on Breakfast Will Increase the Weight Loss Speed

According to the studies, consuming different foods will both eliminate the monotony and allow you to consume the foods you like. However, researches prove that consuming different foods have various benefits besides these two emotional states. Unfortunately, consuming the same foods all the time will not help you to lose weight.

Different foods which will be placed even into a single meal will play a key role in terms of quick fast loss.

Minimize Your Portions (Step 18)

Portion control is one of the most effective ways of losing weight without even realizing it. Because, reflexively, we need to finish the portion as its size increase and this causes us to eat more.

Minimizing our portions will help you to prevent this situation and make you lose more weight in the long run.  

The best way to start controlling the portions is to use smaller plates. In this way, your plate will seem more full and you will reach the same satiety by eating less.

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Be Careful of Your Sleep (Step 17)

Be Careful of Your Sleep

When it comes to weight loss, proper nutrition, tight diet and sports are the things that come to mind first. But regular sleep is not taken into account most of the time. However regular nutrition, exercise and sleep has equally importance for a healthy life.

The people who are insufficiently sleeping experience a decrease in their level of leptin hormone that sends a signal for satiety. This decrease makes the satiation come late and cause you to eat more.

One other disadvantage of the sleeplessness is the increased appetite, which is led by the increment of the cortisol hormone in the stressful cases such as insomnia. It is scientifically proven that cortisol is a hormone leading to gain weight.

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