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Take a Walk (Step 14)

Take a walk

Take a Walk

Walking is an exercise which can be easily done in anytime and anywhere. Regular walks will help you to lose weight in a quick way and help to maintain your physical and mental health.

At the beginning of the walk, the body uses glycogen first. With the decrease in the glycogen level in the blood, the brain starts to burn the fat cells by stopping the use of glycogen. On the other hand, the muscles need oxygen, and at this point the speed of gait is important so that oxygen can be transported to the muscles.

To ensure that the body is burning fat, the walk should be carried out in a paced way and by taking breath often. With a 1 hour regular walking, 5-7 calorie per minute, about 400 calories can be burned daily. This corresponds to an average of 6-7 kilos per year. Walking about an hour will speed up the weight-loss process, as the body will start burning fat from the 20-25th minutes.