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Practical Weight Loss Methods

practical weight loss methods

Here are 25 suggestions for you to reduce your calorie intake and burn more fats.

Don’t overestimate the weight loss. You can lose weight with these methods which you can adopt easily.

All you need to lose weight is 1 minute! Here are 25 suggestions for you to reduce your calorie intake and burn more fats. Moreover, they are easy to adopt. All you need to do is, adopt these in your everyday life. If you are already on diet, you can speed your weight loss process by adopting these.

1. Mix Them Up!

Mix your favorite fruit juice with mineral water. Since you will use the half of the fruit juice, you will significantly reduce the calorie amount. Especially in those hot summer days where fruit juices are consumed a lot.

2. Use Cordless Phone

What about burning calories while you will tell the recent rumors of the day to your best friend? Wash the clothes (68 calories), prepare the table (85 calories), or water the plants (102 calories). (These values are valid for a person who is 68 kilos and do these for at least half an hour).

3. Chew a Gum

According to the recent studies, chewing sugar-free gum all day increases the metabolic rate by 20 percent. We are the liar of the researchers!

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Ways for Quick Weight Loss

Quick Weight Loss, lose weight

There is a great difference between quick weight loss and healthy, quick weight loss.

For instance, losing 4-5 kilos in a week with shock diets do not allow you to get rid of your fats which is the basic goal of weight loss. Such diets only lead to loss of water and some muscle tissue.

Also, it is almost guaranteed that you will get the kilos you lost with shock diets.

The way for quick weight loss is; arrange your feeding habits, exercise on a regular basis by consuming more low calorie but nutritious foods.

22 Tips for a Successful Diet and Healthy Weight Loss

Tips for a Successful Diet and Healthy Weight Loss

Dieting should not be enjoyable. Especially maintaining this for a long time with a solid will is very annoying. It often leads to failures as well.

However if you will know some tips, you can have a successful diet without getting bored and maintaining your will.


All you need to do is check the following list that we have created for you.

Tip 1: Drink Plenty of Water or Other Calorie-free Beverages

Drink one cup of water before you consume snacks such as chips. People may confuse with being thirsty and hungry. You can have plenty of calories by consuming chips while your only need is drinking one cup of water.

If drinking water is not enough, you can drink flavored mineral waters or fruit teas.

Tip 2: Don’t Give Up Consuming Your Favorite Foods

Instead of cutting your most favorite foods, buy less. For instance, you can buy one cookie instead of buying one box of cookies. There is no reason for you to give up your most favorite foods as long as you can limit yourself.

Tip 3: Control the Servings

Although you can not control the serving when you eat outside, you can control your servings by using kitchen equipment. Use smaller plates and cups. Prefer half servings instead of full servings when you are eating outside.

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