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Take Sugar Out of Your Diet

Take Sugar Out of Your Diet

The biggest step to take in order to lose weight is taking out empty calorie success out of your diet program. The biggest obstacle in losing weight is consuming foods which are high in calorie and low in nutrients (no vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats).

Sugar comes first on this list. The sugar taken in from fresh vegetables are sufficient for the body but sugar intakes from fast food and beverages are 4 or 5 times more than the needed amount for a healthy diet. Recently especially teenagers’ daily intake of calories are made up of drinks, plus these drinks do not have any benefits for health.This addictive sugar is the main reason for belly fat. Calorie is not the only reason that sugar prevents losing weight and even cause weight gain. The researches that have been done show that too much intake of sugar prevents the forming of the leptin hormone which tells us that we’re hungry. In other words, the more sugar intake the more we eat, because we are not aware that we have eaten enough.

If you want lose weight quickly, you must take out cakes, biscuits and other packaged snacks, diet or normal drinks, packet juices and other products that contain high sugar from your diet. Many fruits have natural sugar in them, if you need sugar you can eat grapes, bananas, apples and pears.

Drinks that are said to have low sugar may not cause weight gain but substances used are bad for the health.

Importance of Exercises for Quick Weight Loss

Importance of Exercises for Quick Weight Loss

In case you can’t pull down the calorie amount you intake or you feel exhausted and tired as your calorie intake decreases, you can close this gap by moving more.

Let us give an example of the effect of exercise on weight loss; a 60 kg person who does not apply a diet can lose 2 kilos in a month by just walking 45 minutes fast tempo every day. In case you will support the exercise with a moderate diet, you can lose 4-6 kilos in a month.

Exercises are not only to burn the fats but they are recommended to build muscles and provide a shape to your body. In case you want to have a fit body while you are losing weight, you can perform exercises that work the area which has much more fats.

Regional exercises do not have any effect on losing weight for that specific region however they will help your muscles to be more prominent in that area after you lose weight.

In case you do not have the habit to exercise, do not overload your body at first because overloading will lead to muscles pains and fatigue which will disturb your exercising routine. Starting slowly will help you to feel better both physically and mentally.

For instance, in case you are going to walk, start by walking high tempo for 30 minutes during the first week and continue to increase the amount by 15 minutes. Your tempo may increase as your form increases and you can split your exercise into two which you will both walk and run.

Ideal Diet Should Be Planned According to Your Metabolic Rate

ideal diet planned

A person should feed according to “Basic Metabolic Rate” in order to achieve weight loss in an ideal manner. Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) means the spent energy in order to maintain basic metabolic events (such as respiration, circulation, gastrointestinal activities, muscle tone, protection of body temperature) and maintain the functioning of various organs (kidneys, liver and endocrine glands) under the basic conditions.

If a person is feeding lower than BMR, loss of water and muscle tissue occur instead of the ideal fat loss and this lead to unhealthy weight loss in the person which cause the quality of life decrease day by day.

Weight gain is inevitable in such people who lose weight in this way.

Eating Different Foods

Eating different foods

Eating Different Foods on Breakfast Will Increase the Weight Loss Speed

According to the studies, consuming different foods will both eliminate the monotony and allow you to consume the foods you like. However, researches prove that consuming different foods have various benefits besides these two emotional states. Unfortunately, consuming the same foods all the time will not help you to lose weight.

Different foods which will be placed even into a single meal will play a key role in terms of quick fast loss.

Consume Whole-Grain Bread (Step 16)

consume whole-graid bread

Consume Whole-Grain Bread

The first method that comes to mind of people who decide to lose weight is to stop bread consumption. But this is also a mistake like most approaches known. Because your body needs carbohydrates and vitamins such as B1 which are provided from bread.

However every bread, as is the case with oils, differs in terms of quality. Some types of breads does not provide enough nutrition and make you gain more weight, while some bread types give you feeling of satiety for long time and provide you vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates that your body need.

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