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Set Realistic Targets (Step 1)


Like many people who want to lose weight, you often start a diet, but after a while you have difficulties in adapting to the diet program. Because you don’t set realistic goals for yourself during the weight-loss process.

When you are starting the road, you must first set a realistic target about your weight. This goal will always be your guide while you are motivating yourself during the diet period. Maybe you also think about setting realistic targets. Well, what is the realistic one?

In the long run, it is best to set a target of 0.5-1 kilo per week. As a result of the wrong diets applied, you may lose more weight in a week. Losing 1 kilo a week maybe will not make you happy. However the weights you will lose within a long term will be permanent. You can get rid of 12 kilos after three months by losing 1 kilo a week.

Don’t forget! Losing weights that you gain in a long time will make you get rid of this trouble completely.