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Move at Workplace (Step 10)

move at workplace

Move at Workplace

Working life means inactivity for many people.

Since less physical effort is spent in the office environment, protein losses and increases in fat mass occur after a while even if there is not weight gain. Therefore moving is very important.

Create your own pretexts to boost your movements within the office. For example, prefer stairs instead of elevator, prepare your meal if you have suitable space, or at least get up and walk for two or three minutes in every hour.

Walk also while you are going to somewhere out of the work. If you are going for a long way, you can get off one or two stops early and walk.

One of the Other Practical Ways for Weight Loss: Walking…


One of the biggest mistakes that many people make while losing weight is high tempo walking. Prefer low tempo walking in case you do not want your weight loss process to stop and look slimmer. You can burn %70 more fat with low tempo long walking when compared with the regular exercises. I suggest you walk at leat 70 minutes on the treadmill at least 4,0, at most 5,2 speed. You can get rid of your excessive fats accumulated on thighs, abdomen, and hips with the physical activity you will perform 4 times in a week as well as with the help of your healthy diet.