Practical Weight Loss Methods

practical weight loss methods

Here are 25 suggestions for you to reduce your calorie intake and burn more fats.

Don’t overestimate the weight loss. You can lose weight with these methods which you can adopt easily.

All you need to lose weight is 1 minute! Here are 25 suggestions for you to reduce your calorie intake and burn more fats. Moreover, they are easy to adopt. All you need to do is, adopt these in your everyday life. If you are already on diet, you can speed your weight loss process by adopting these.

1. Mix Them Up!

Mix your favorite fruit juice with mineral water. Since you will use the half of the fruit juice, you will significantly reduce the calorie amount. Especially in those hot summer days where fruit juices are consumed a lot.

2. Use Cordless Phone

What about burning calories while you will tell the recent rumors of the day to your best friend? Wash the clothes (68 calories), prepare the table (85 calories), or water the plants (102 calories). (These values are valid for a person who is 68 kilos and do these for at least half an hour).

3. Chew a Gum

According to the recent studies, chewing sugar-free gum all day increases the metabolic rate by 20 percent. We are the liar of the researchers!

4. Pay Cash In Exchange for Snacks

Whenever you accept an offer to eat something which you should not eat or snacks, give 5 dollars to your children, siblings or homeless people. When the money you spent will increase, you will learn to say no.

5. Pay Attention to Packaging

Read what is written on the packages well. Because calorie values are usually reported in 100 grams. However if the thing you consume is more than 100 calories, this will mean that you will get more.

6. Drink Green Tea Before You Walk

Caffeine releases the fatty acids. In this way, you burn more fats. Also, polyphenols (antioxidant compounds) available in green tea increases the calorie burn by combining with caffeine. However, in case you have high blood pressure, you should neglect this suggestion.

7. Bring Your Meal from Home

Eating meals outside usually lead more calorie intake. You can prepare the things that you can hardly find outside at home and bring them with you.

8. If You Want the Salad Sauce…

Then prepare your own salad sauce according to this recipe. Because the fat amount is 1.5 grams and calorie amount is 20 calories in this sauce.

  • 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar
  • Quarter teaspoon olive oil
  • 3/4 teaspoon dijon mustard
  • Quarter teaspoon wild radish

9. Take a Blood Test

About one in 12 women’s thyroid glands do not work well and this is one of the factors that affect the metabolism.

10. Prefer the Water

Prefer water as a beverage. It may be useful to have a bottle with you.

11. Mislead Your Taste Sense

Melting one of the methanolic dragees in your mouth which are for a cough can blunt the feeling of craving.

12. Use Spices

For instance, including pepper to your meals will help you to feel hungry after a long period.

13. Drink White When You Drink

Just like water, low-fat milk has saturator effect. Moreover, it is high in calcium and keeps you full.

14. Don’t Chop Your Salad Ingredients, Slice Them

Your salad should not consist of green vegetables only. You can use vegetables such as carrots, celery, squash and other vegetables. However rather than chopping them, slice them in larger slices. It will take you more to consume them as well as you will chew a lot more. Thus, you will feel full quickly and consume the less main meal.

15. Call Your Friend

If you feel lonely, prefer to take the phone rather than eating all the time.

16. Note Down What You Eat

This will help you to control yourself since you will know what you ate and how much you ate.

17. Retire the Remote Controllers

Tools such as remote controllers facilitate your life however they also lead to sedentary life.

18. Prefer Spray Oils

In this way you will realize, you use less oil than you regularly use.

19. Prefer the Smaller One While Buying

For instance, are you going to buy a chocolate? Buying a package rather than a bar will mean you are going to eat 44 percent more. No need to risk, buy the smaller one and reduce the calories.

20. Measure the Meal Before You Cook

While consuming foods such as pasta and rice, you may eat much more without realizing it. However in case, you will measure them before you cook, you can eliminate this problem. 4 spoons of pasta or rice are equal to one slice of bread.

21. No Meal without Mirror

Looking yourself in the mirror while eating will lead you to eat 22-32 percent less.

22. Wait Before You Open the Box

Before opening the ice cream box, do 10 push ups and 10 sit ups. This may kill your desire to snack as well as remind your goals by letting you communicate with your body.

23. Let Your Soup Be Dark

Those who consume soup which has large vegetable pieces in it feel full quickly as well as consume 20 percent less.

24. Don’t Neglect to Consume Fish

Fish contains extremely healthy fat type, omega-3 fatty acids. Fishes rich in omega-3 are tuna, mackerel, salmon, and codfish. When we consider people who diet, those who consume fish in their diets lost 20 percent more weight compared to those who don’t consume fish.

25. You Need Some Inspiration

Sometimes, you are the only one who can support yourself when you are in need. This is why, be prepared and stick notes which will motivate you to the fridge, kitchen door, kitchen cabinet where you keep your biscuits or computer. For instance: “You won’t give up to a wafer, right? You came a long way and you were really successful!”

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